How to optimize PC?

If your computer is slow it is time to optimize your PC, and do not worry, because all the programs to clean your PC that I am going to recommend are completely FREE, so you have no excuse for not wanting to speed up your PC.

The passage of time makes us install programs and more programs, and storing temporary files that logically affect the performance of our team, so it is necessary to have a tool that does a constant maintenance of the equipment and erase or eliminate everything that It is not necessary.

Before starting with the tools I will explain some additional tips on how to optimize my PC.

How to optimize my PC in 3 easy steps?

Now let’s go with some easy to apply tips to optimize Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

  1. Step 1.- Clean the Internet browser. The simplest way to apply this step is to install CCleaner or Glare Utilities, then we open it and click on “maintenance 1 click”, mark all the boxes and give “to look for problems”, once the process is finished we give ” Repair Problems “and voila, we would have the first part of the process finished.
  2. Step 2. Free space on the hard drive to optimize my PC. The next step we will go to Home> Control Panel> Systems and security> Free disk space, then we will give “Clean system files” we click on accept and wait for the hard drive to be cleaned.
  3. Step 3. Defragment the hard disk. Click on Defrag and let this program do its thing, what this program does is order and organize better the information that contains our hard disk to improve the performance of our PC. The process may take several hours, but believe me it is worth doing, you can for example leave it one night defragmenting and you will see that the next day when you restart the computer you will notice the difference.

Well now that we have done this optimization that I call as basic, we can go on to know what are the best applications to optimize Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

7 Tips to speed up your PC with Windows 10

If you follow these recommendations you will not have to continue worrying about the speed of loading your PC:

  1. Trick 1. Optimize the computer’s power settings. It is clear that this functionality will not be available on all computers and computers, but if you have it, it is recommended for improvement. Go to the Control Panel> hardware and sound> power options and select the High Performance option.
  2. Trick 2. Choose a lighter Windows 10 look or design. For this in the system configuration menu we must write appearance in the search bar on the left, to click on appearance and performance in the results. From here we can click on the high performance mode to give a boost to the PC.
  3. Tip 3. Disable processes or programs that run when Windows 10 starts. Press Control + Alt + Del to enter the task manager, now press start to see everything that runs when Windows 10 starts, so it would be as simple as disabling those that are not necessary.
  4. Trick 4. Close unnecessary programs or processes. Close those programs that are consuming more performance and are not necessary, we do Control + Alt + Delete again and we click on the processes tab, and we eliminate the one that interests us.
  5. Trick 5. Defragment your hard drive. This one of those that better result to give and with it we will obtain to accelerate the PC to the maximum.
  6. Trick 6. Analyze your computer in search of malware. The action is very simple, we open Windows Defender and do a complete scan of our hard drive in order to detect and eliminate malware on our computer.
  7. Trick 7. Adjusting the virtual memory of your computer with Windows 10. In initial size put 1.5 times the amount of RAM you have, in MB. In maximum size, put 3 times the RAM.
How to optimize PC?

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