Find the best free program to clean and accelerate your PC

We want to talk today about the most outstanding programs for the cleaning of the Windows PC and that are also responsible for accelerating its operation. Many times it happens that computers start to slow down if it’s been a long time since they were released and they have not been formatted. The normal thing is that everything has to do with the large number of files that are unnecessary and that accumulate in our operating system. However, finding a good program to clean your PC is possible.

So we go with the best four best applications in the market to clean your computer:


This is undoubtedly the best-known Piriform program. It is the best free program for cleaning and accelerating a Windows PC, having a premium version, although the free in itself is more than valid for most users.

Thanks to it you can delete most of what does not work on your PC, from cookies to temporary files, through the browsing history you have in Chrome and other browsers. It can be configured to your liking, so it is possible to keep the files you want most.

Wise Disk Cleaner

This is a most appropriate program if what you want is a program that is able to clean and accelerate your computer without any complications.

In just a few seconds Wise Disk performs a scan and it is the one that tells you the space that can be released in the computer. Once you have done this, it is just to click and you already have it, your hard drive totally clean.


In its original format they created it for Linux. Currently, it is one of the best programs available to accelerate a computer that works with Windows.

It has a simple interface and you just have to hit the button to start cleaning. It is a light application that consumes few resources and although it looks rather retro, it does its job perfectly.

Glary Utilities

This app for Windows is well known and is one of the most used options. It has almost everything that CCleaner offers, but also has the extras to select the files you want to be deleted.

Glary Utilites can free up disk space simply and quickly, making it another good alternative to count on.

Now it’s your turn to choose a program to clean the PC. Which one do you prefer?

Find the best free program to clean and accelerate your PC

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